Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Top 5 Bachelor Party T-Shirt Ideas

Marriage is an important milestone in almost all cultures. To commemorate marriage, it's common for bridegrooms to go out with their friends one last time before the big day. This night is known as bachelor party. During the night the bachelor is allowed to enjoy all the activities that he was engaging in while he was single.
Over the years bachelor parties have become fancy and every person wants his friends to remember the night as long as possible. One of the ways of making the night memorable is using t-shirts. You (groom) and your friends should wear t-shirts with interesting messages. To help you out, here are t-shirt ideas that you should consider:
Dead man walking
Marriage is perceived as a serious institution that comes with it challenges such as disagreements, responsibilities and inconveniences of living with another person. Marriage is known for purging off the exciting life of being single.
A t-shirt with a slogan, "Dead man walking" is not only fun to look at, it also keeps your boys making fun of you throughout the night. This makes the party exiting. You can print the slogan at the back or front of your outfit. You can also print it both at the back and front.
Marriage, big mistake!
As mentioned above, there is the notion that marriage prevents one from having an exciting life. As a bachelor, you should approach this notion in a humorous way by having a t-shirt with big letters reading, "marriage, big mistake!" Just like the "dead man walking" message this message will keep your friends making fun of you. They will also remember the message for a long time.
Single for one more night
Most bachelors want to remain single for as long as they can so that they can continue having fun. Let your friends and everyone in the party know that your single life is over by printing the message, "single for one more night" at the back or front of the t-shirt.
Bachelor party support crew
Friends are important part of a bachelor party. To make it interesting, print t-shirts for them with the message, "bachelor party support crew." For your friends to be easy to identify, ensure that the outfits are of the same color and style. For your friends to be comfortable wearing the outfits, ensure that the t-shirts perfectly fit everyone.
Bachelor party drinking team
The bachelor party is all about fun. In addition to dancing, drinking is an important party event. Make outfits for your friends with the message, "bachelor party drinking team" and you will always have something to talk about long after the party. Just like when designing the other outfits, ensure that all the t-shirts are of the same color.
These are ideas on bachelor party t-shirts. You can design them by yourself if you have the right skills, but for ideal results, hire a professional company to help you out.

Why You Should Get a Nonwoven Shopping Bag

With all the information we now have on 'going green', it is no wonder that people the world over are being urged to purchase reusable shopping bags instead of using plastic bags. A woven or nonwoven shopping bag makes a more environment friendly alternative. Well, you might say that your local grocery store offers you a paper bag option. However, these are not necessarily the best option either. They too tend to be harmful to our environment. This leaves reusable bags as the best option.
Benefits of a Reusable Woven or Nonwoven Shopping Bag
  • Eco friendly - As mentioned above, a reusable bag is helpful to the environment and is indeed the greener option. By using these, you prevent the use of plastic and paper bags which in turn preserves landfills and prevents our sea and animal life from being harmed by them.

  • Portable - These are easy to carry around. As such, it is a great idea to keep them inside your car making them readily accessible whenever you have to shop. If, like many people, you tend to forget the bag at home, keeping it in your car solves that problem for you.

  • Fashionable - Your shopping bag doesn't have to look like a hot mess. These reusable bags come in various patterns, colors and materials and are in themselves a fashion statement. By selecting what works for you, you will be able let your individuality shine through.

  • Multiple Use - The good thing about these shopping bags is that you can use them for a variety of other things. You can use them to pack a picnic or as a beach bag as well as a host of other activities.

  • Sturdy - These reusable bags are very sturdy. They are definitely more so than a plastic bag. As such, you are able to fill them up without having to worry that the bag will break or that whatever items you are carrying will fall out.
There are several things that should be taken into consideration when selecting a bag. To begin with, you may want to look at the material it is made of if you are particular about that. You also want to ensure that you have a good idea of the dimensions of the said bag. If you are a small bodied person, an oversized bag may be overwhelming. You also want to consider the patterns, colors and designs used particularly if you are a fashion forward individual.
It is good to know that these bags can be customized to your taste. If you are purchasing them for a corporate event, you can have them in your company colors and also add your logo or by line to them to make them uniquely yours. You may also consider purchasing them as part of a "going green" campaign where you can print your message on them and give them out to your supporters. As part of your goody bag, you may also want to purchase wholesale stress balls to put in the bags before you hand them out.